Safety Certification





As smart mobile devices become popular, the market demand for Smart Home products increases and may become a trend in the development of the hottest technologies.  Many manufacturers introduce their core Smart Home products and present innovative applications in the Smart Lift area. Smart plugs are the core Smart Home products that ensure triggering the switches of the electric devices in your home at any time via your mobile devices. Home Automation is another application that makes a brand new smart life come true.

We have been engaged in the tests of smart plugs and sockets and invested in relevant instruments in recent years.

We are capable of testing smart plugs and sockets for customers in their sales regions and countries according to their specifications of the shells and different testing conditions, scope, and relevant laws and standards specified by the customers. The tests are conducted by our professional testing personnel using the precise instruments in our lab. We also provide the service of feasibility assessment and pre-analysis of structures during the development of the molds according to the standards required by the customers to reduce reduce the time risk that may occur due to failed tests or certifications and avoid possible expenses for modification.


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